December 2 2013, 8pm


so many people have met friends through homestuck and so many people have bought airplane tickets and dated long distance and so many people have probably banged and hussie unknowingly sits there and draws his comic and chuckles at horuss and rufio and horses while kids are tearing their god tier Cosplays off of eachother after cons in shitty hotel rooms god how many sweet lays is hussie even responsible for

December 2 2013, 8pm


seven days without a pun makes one weak

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December 2 2013, 8pm




I’m that part of the fandom that can’t gif, make edits, write fanfiction or draw I’m just kind of here like


Which makes you the commenter, the fic-reccer, the source-finder, the link-poster, the headcanon buddy, the forum-poster, the kink-prompter, the conversation starter, the number one fan, the miscellaneous details and subconscious fact-checker.

aka: you’re the person all those other skill-sets are producing for.

I like you.